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                                         Pediatric Links

Local Links

Postpartum Education for Parents (PEP)

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Birth and Parent Education Programs

Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

Tri-Counties Regional Center

Santa Barbara County Medical Society

Santa Barbara Parents of Multiples


Santa Barbara Daily Sound


National Links

American Academy of Pediatrics

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

California Department of Health Services - Newborn Screening Program

CDC National Immunization Information Hotline

Vaccine Education Center at CHOP

American Association of Poison Control Centers

America on the Move

Infectious Diseases Society of America

Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD)

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs

Mothers of Supertwins

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

Food and Drug Administration

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission