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Pediatrics in Paradise columns from SBParent.com and the Daily Sound:

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Top ten tips to keep you healthy

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Rockin' on the corner

Play ball!

You are what you eat

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Pediatric Corner articles from the Goleta Valley Voice:

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Santa Barbara Running to Goleta

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Time to Have a Little Class

Sleepless in Goleta

Be Cool, Prepare for School

Trick or Treat-Smell My Feet-Careful When You Cross the Street

The Scoop on Poop

Influenza: 'Tis the Season to be Snotty

Glued to the Boob Tube

Why Mac is So Big

Make Room for Baby

Pertussis: Nothing to Whoop About

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Diggin' Dax

Sunny Dispositions, Bright Futures (Down Syndrome)

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Top 10 Tip to Keep You Healthy

My Son and the Stomach Flu

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G.O.L.E.T.A.: The Good Land (of exercise)

Mother's Day in March

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Picket Fences, Posionous Plants and Tri-tip

Me, My Josh and BOB


Breastfeeding: Best Bet for Babies