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Welcome to SantaBarbaraPediatrics.com, your pediatric partner in paradise


This site is hosted by Santa Barbara pediatrician, certified lactation counselor, proud husband and father of two boys, Dr. Dan Brennan.

Our aim is to provide heath tips, helpful links and encourage you to discover some unique opportunities for you and your children in Santa Barbara.

Please be sure to check out some of the links to baby-friendly Santa Barbara organizations, peruse Dr. Brennan's Pediatrics in Paradise health columns and enjoy Joshie's and Andy's picks.

Winner of the 2009 SBParent.com Parents' Choice Award for      Best Pediatrician

Winner of the inaugural Santa Barbara Breastfeeding Coalition Doctor of the Year award (2009)

Winner of 2008 Santa Barbara Newspress Reader's Choice Poll  for  Best Doctor

Runner-up for 2007 SBParent.com Parents' Choice Award for            Best Pediatrician

Dr. Brennan's Pediatrics in Paradise health and fitness column is now published monthly on SBParent.com and on alternating Fridays in the      Santa Barbara Daily Sound.

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